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Five questions, five answers. Plus one.

I have the most ridiculously tightly scheduled day ever tomorrow, and then I'm on holiday for a week. It seems an appropriate moment to do a meme.

The rules are below. The continuity requirement has been removed.

  1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
  2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
  3. Respond in a comment, or update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

I'll roll in another meme and allow you to ask me any one question you like. I will answer. I may not, however, choose to do so publicly. If you want to ask a question anonymously, it'll be screened and I'll leave it that way.

from chickenfeet2003

  1. Any regrets about not being a 'proper' academic anymore?

    I would be lying if I said no. I miss doing research. I don't particularly want to climb the academic ladder, though, so that's problematic. It'd be fun to be a perpetual post-doc, but since doing that involves either moving, changing subfields or both every one to three years, it's not a realistic career option. I'm happy in London and I just started to really enjoy being here in my own right. Stability is at a premium when you're an expat in an expensive city, so being a professional is the only way for me to go right now.

  2. Best and worst things about living in London

    Two things are tied for best. The first would be the chances to see wonderful theatre/galleries/gigs with my friends. I got to see Persepolis with omniana because she's an ICA member, months before it comes out in cinemas. I've been to some spectacular paid exhibits and try to go regularly to the free museums. The second would be the pub culture. I love going for a drink or three after work and chatting (or arguing) an evening away, and if the whole thing turns into a gloriously unexpected piss-up, it's usually a good time.

    The worst thing has got to be the way I feel like I can never relax. I always have to exercise a great deal of control over the use of my time, since I have to spend so much of it at work or on public transport, and I find it difficult to get enough sleep. I have to work hard to remain calm and on schedule, or I start to spiral downwards into anger and depression very quickly.

  3. What are your religious views?

    I'm not at all bothered if you wish to pray for my unsaved soul. I just don't think it's going to do anything except possibly make you feel better.

  4. What do you read for fun?

    I'm going to assume that by fun you mean "lightweight entertainment" for times when my brain is otherwise fried and can't even handle a novel. In which case, the answer is magazines, cookbooks and travel guides for places I haven't been to yet. The Economist, Juxtapoz and the occasional girly fashion thing are my top three types of magazines. I find it orally stimulating to read cookbooks, although I'm so busy I rarely actually make anything from them.

  5. Favourite flavour of icecream?

    Sadly, ice cream seems to have a detrimental effect on my insides these days so I don't eat much of it. Green tea is my favorite, however, and anyone who wishes to win me over and/or take me in manly fashion should attempt to do so with mochi.
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