Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Things that are of the good

- Two of my students gave me Christmas cards. One of them was written as a C++ program. I am overwhelmed by the geeky cuteness.

- I finished my big Cassini job a day before the deadline. I shall attempt to describe this job in the simplest possible terms. Spacecraft will go whizz, turn, roll, ooh look Saturn's magnetosphere, when we've decided it shall, in 2009.

- One of my students consistently makes me laugh. Here are two conversations we've had.

Me: "How're you doing?"
Him: "Oh...mostly staring out the window and tapping randomly on the keys."

Me: "Making progress?"
Him: "Yes, I'm finally awake now."
Me: "That makes one of us."

- I ceded a seat to a tired-looking man on the Underground the other day. When we got to his stop, he tapped me and said, "Bless you. Happy Christmas."

- Tomorrow is the last day of term.

- MINCE PIES OH GOD I'M GOING TO GORGE ON THEM TILL I EXPLODE. If we had these in the States, I might have never left. As it is, I'm convinced they're a good portion of the reason I can tolerate winter in London. Satsumas and whisky can take some of the credit as well.

- I have two Christmas parties and a concert to attend next week.

- I'm going to Leeds for the first time ever. The dark and mysterious north of England. Okay, the Midlands. Still, I shall be most intrigued to see if it really is full of sharks like all the Southrons keep telling me.
Tags: anecdote, england, happy, imperial, teaching
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