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Please to note that today is DECEMBER BLOODY FOURTH.

Today I received a letter from the County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

This letter asked me whether I would like to request a partisan ballot, since I am registered as a non-partisan voter with Permanent Absentee Voter status.

This letter is dated November 13, 2007.

This letter was postmarked November 29, 2007.

I was required to respond to this letter stating my desire for a partisan absentee ballot by December 3, 2007.

That's right folks. YESTERDAY.

What planet do these assholes come from where the post arrives in a country 6000 miles away in one business day? I say one because, you know, that would give me time to receive the mail in the morning, post my response by the afternoon, and have it arrive back in California by the following business day.

Whether they're being deliberately duplicitous or simply incompetent, I want to emigrate. To the country of ME. At least then if I get treated this shameful, disrespectful way, I'll know who the goddamn asshole is.
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