Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Excuse me miss, may I please go to my German class now?

I taught for the first time in ten years today. I did first-year computing lab demonstrations. There are four demonstrators (three male, one female <= that's me, in case you didn't know) and forty students. Of the ten students in my group, two are female. Somebody explain to me where this vast improvement in male:female ratios in the sciences is supposed to be coming from?

The course content, while easy to manage for an experienced programmer, can somehow become challenging, especially since students seem to have this amazing knack for figuring out new and fascinating ways to make mistakes. Being able to answer most of their questions did boost my ego just a tiny bit. Okay, a big bit.

It was occasionally taxing and stressful, particularly with the student who was completely failing to read or comprehend anything on the lab script, as well as being incapable of copying code directly from the script onto the screen,* but mostly, it was fun. I've really missed it. I want more!

* Dear god(s),

I understand you must think it quite clever that as soon as someone declares something to be "idiot-proof", you design a better idiot. However, I must protest that surely it would be better to use your powers for awesome, such as inspiring animators to make more ludicrously over-the-top action films like Beowulf in 3D.

Thank you,
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