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So, I've been losing weight deliberately. I'm currently at 58 kg (that's 9.1 stones/127.6 pounds), which is 3 kg more than my personally (and rather arbitrarily) desired weight (that's 8.7 stones/121 pounds). I'm 5'5" tall (that's 165 cm). I cannot seem to shed those last 3 kg, even though I go to the gym 3-5 times per week and do at least 40 minutes of cardio each time and eat fairly carefully except when I'm about to experience the monthly cycle, at which point my chocolate intake accelerates.

My question to you is, should I be worrying about this, or should I just accept that 58 kg is about where I should be? Particular weight, haha, will be given to the opinions of those who have seen me in person recently.

Poll #1065552 Vanity

Should I start dieting to lose that last 3 kilos?

Yes, you have a goal, stick to it, you'll feel good when you get there.
No, you look fine the way you are. Don't worry about it.

Auxiliary question: Complaining about one's weight: is it socially acceptable?

Skinny people should not be allowed to complain about their weight. Eat a hamburger and shut up.
Fat people should not be allowed to complain about their weight. Get on the treadmill and shut up.
There is such a thing as an average weight that is both healthy and attractive. Really! Most of us are there! So shut up!
There are people in the world who think Angelina Jolie is a heifer. BRAIN SPLODY. SHADDAP.
I don't want to think about this. Ticky box, please.
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