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This is public in case friends without LJs are reading this.

Okay, I finally have a firm schedule for my trip to the States. Which is good, because I leave tomorrow.

I will be spending five (5) days in Olympia, Washington with my parents. I don't think I'll be available Saturday night (1 September) because I'm pretty sure my parents will want me to spend it with them. becala has me booked for Monday 3 September. If you wish to see me on any other evening, text me on my UK mobile* (e-mail me or comment - they're all screened - if you need the number) and I'll ring you back to make plans. I won't have net access during this period.

Then, on 6 September, I will be flying to LA, picking up a car and driving to Carlsbad to get a bunch of stuff out of storage and mail it. I don't have a firm idea of how long this will take me but I imagine it'll be some hours. I'm reluctant to make firm plans with anyone for the evening since I may well be knackered and just want to go to Josh's house and pass out, but if you want to kick me into going somewhere in San Diego, or are willing to trek to La Jolla, you can reach me on my UK mobile. Again, e-mail me or comment if you don't have the number.

I will be in Los Angeles from 7 to 9 September. I plan to meet up with a couple of my ex-colleagues at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena on the evening of Friday 7 September and then go to Das Bunker with angelcityblues. All are welcome to come and play with me at either! I'm spending the day (8 September) with the aforementioned sexy red-head. In the evening I plan to stuff myself with sushi. Please let me know if you would care to join in the raw fish consumption.

One small note: I'm not drinking (booze) at the moment. I hope you'll understand if I don't go into the reasons right now.

Finally, my body has decided to celebrate my imminent holiday by going into meltdown, which I'm sure will make the 11-hour flight a real treat. I have a bad head cold. So if you do see me, I suggest you greet me with air kisses. From about ten feet away.

Comments are and will remain screened.

* It's the same number I've had since I moved to London.
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