Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Things Wot Are Pissing Me Off

  1. Number of teleconferences in one day at convenient times for those on the west coast of the States that will make someone in the UK want to stab things: Two.
  2. I don't care what says. It sets my teeth on edge to hear "impact" used as a verb. Use "effect." It's just as effective.
  3. You don't need to "interface" with people. It's just as effective to "talk" to them.
  4. The giant handbag trend has got to stop. They're starting to be as big as the people carrying them. Also, they seem to be universally ugly.
  5. To the large people on the tube: Just because I am small doesn't mean you can hog the armrests. Also, the space in front of my face? Doesn't need your newspaper in it, kthx.
  6. To the women wearing heels on the tube who glare hatefully at me on the rare occasions I'm lucky enough to get a seat: No, I will not move. You wore stupid shoes. Live with it or carry a pair of trainers. You have enough space in your giant fricking handbag.
  7. To the man who yelled at me for giving change to a young woman who subsequently called him a child-molester when he antagonized her deliberately: For all I know, you are a child molester. Don't take out your frustration at her on me by trying to make me feel guilty.
  8. To EasyJet: How on earth did you manage to spoil my camping trip by failing to put the bag containing the tent on a flight from Stansted to Glasgow, especially when the bag that was checked in right next to it got there just fine? You are amazing. Truly, you provide the service one pays for.
  9. ETA: There is a mosquito in my room.

Today is fired.
Tags: london, rage, travel
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