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I'm not defiant. I'm realistic.

To the people who keep trying to blow up this city:

It won't work, you know.

I ride the Underground almost every day. I pass the TigerTiger club on my bus ride to work. I've never been there, but I've been out late in the city centre at nightclubs and pubs many times, enjoying the pay I've earned in the way I'm free to do. I went out on Friday night to watch a band. (Fujiya & Miyagi at The Luminaire in Kilburn, and by the way if you want to know what the next big thing out of Britain will be, I predict this is it. The best live show I've attended in years.) I went out on Saturday night for the last hurrah before the smoking ban came into effect. Yes, I had too many cigarettes and I had a terrible hangover and my lungs hurt the next day and that was idiotic, but it's also my prerogative. You can believe I'm going to burn for eternity for that if you like. I don't. I believe I have a very short number of years on this earth before I become nothing again. I dedicate my days to the pursuit of scientific progress because I believe that's the best and most personally satisfying way for me to spend that time, and I dedicate my nights to the pursuit of pleasure for exactly the same reason.

I also believe that we both have the privilege to believe what we do in this society, and that we can co-exist peacefully even when they contradict. This privilege gives it strength. I find it deeply ironic that the privilege of choice that allows you to live here without, if not the possibility of persecution, at least the certainty of persecution, is precisely what you seek to destroy.

I'm only one voice. I'm not even a British citizen. But there are hundreds of thousands of people like me in this city, who would rather take the risk of dying because of one of your stupid, futile gestures than let their lives be dictated by fear.

Now, piss off. Because this is London.

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