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Music for to share with you. (Tagged by abbacat)

Seven songs I've had on repeat recently:

  • Missy Elliot v. The Cure, "I'm Really Hot Hot Hot". It's currently running a close second to the NIN "Closer" vs. Super Mario Bros for the title of nanila's Favorite Mashup Evar.

  • The Field, "over the ice". Minimal techno with a thread of nostalgic warmth and sweetness.

  • Front 242, "Motion". Classic ebm from these modern angels.

  • M. I. A., "Hit That". I have no idea how to describe this except to say that it's filthy. Americans: Do not expect to understand the lyrics, as the combination of Cockney accent and Laandahn street slang will be sure to befuddle you completely. (However. Tap tap that bed to the wall. Mmm.)

  • Iain Ballamy, "Butterfingers". A playful little instrumental from the Mirrormask soundtrack, which is fantastic. It's only a minute long. Give it a whirl.

  • Diams, "Cause A Effet". French hip-hop from the District 13 soundtrack.

  • and finally, the guilty pleasure. Kylie Minogue, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". To whomever wishes to relieve me of my rivethead credentials: Hey, at least I didn't post a link.

(P.S. If you could please drop a line if you d/l any songs, I'd be grateful. It's always nice to know the effort was worthwhile. Comments are screened.

P.P.S. If you have favorite mashups, links plz hokay bai.)
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