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I'm never going to be taken seriously as a scientist, am I.

Today is a special day for two reasons. Firstly, it is the birthday of three of my wonderful LJ and real-life friends: becala, kittenhotep and paintstripper. Happy birthday, beautiful ladies.

Secondly, it is the day I woke up mildly hung over and realized that after attending a lecture at the Royal Astronomical Society and drinking several glasses of wine at the reception full of solemn grey-bearded professorial types, I stood in the imposing and antediluvian library of the Geological Society while holding a map from the 1976 copy of the Middle Devonian and Paleozoic Rock Formations, Great Slave Lake Region and shouted, "Fucking Canadians!"

Has anybody seen my sense of decorum? I think it may have run off with the last vestige of my pride.
Tags: anecdote, imperial, science
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