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Important Announcements

  1. I will be in Oxford on Wednesday, 23 May, for a fascinating Matlab conference. I'm free in the evening if any persons should be interested in having dinner or drinks. What you're not seeing right now because this is the internets is me peering meerkat-like in your direction, foreverdirt.

  2. I will be attending an Exciting Cricket Match on Friday, 6 July, for the first time at the Oval Cricket Grounds. Does anyone know if it's permissible to bring your own chesterfield sofa?

  3. I saw my cousin for the first time in over a year. She and her husband are currently working on The Golden Compass. Last year, she spent a month in the Caribbean helping a friend shoot a documentary about a reunion of women volunteers (the Waves) in the US Navy during WWII. My cousin rocks.

  4. I just had my six-month review. I'm officially no longer on probation. The lab is stuck with me. Muahaha.
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