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Blogging for choice, a bit late

I'm a bit late for Blog for Choice day, but I figure it's never a bad time to make a post like this.

Some of the lovely ladies on my friends list had a thing or two to say on the subject, and I'm grateful to them for it.

sadira42 blogged about abortion in the USSR, and how she'd feel if her mother had aborted her.
abbacat and sanat blogged, the former in her usual concise way and the latter in a deeply personal way, about their reasons for being pro-choice.

Those of you reading this who think you don't know anyone who's ever had an abortion? You're wrong. You know me. I had one when I was 17. It was a painful and scarring experience. It is not, however, that way for everyone, and reading stories like ironed_orchid's has taught me that there is no need for it to be. It's never going to be fun, but it needn't be traumatic, and there is absolutely no reason for it to be criminal.

I'm still affected by that decision. I think about it every day, although now it just makes me more fiercely determined to express my opinion in the only way it really counts: my vote, and monetary donations to organizations like Planned Parenthood. I like to think my life has been and continues to be satisfying and productive. I think I may even have functioned, over the course of my career as a scientist, as a decent teacher and a role model for a few people. I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't have done that or arrived at the blindingly happy point I'm at today had I been forced to bear a child at 17.

Twice in the past five years, the state of California has had a measure on the ballot to attempt to force parental notification by minors wishing to terminate their pregnancies. (Please note my age at the decision to terminate my pregnancy.) I'm glad that it has twice been defeated, and that I did my tiny little part in assisting.

I'm pro-choice because I believe no woman, or girl for that matter, should have to have a child she doesn't want to support through the lack of completely confidential access to termination services. And I believe every woman should have access to said services, whether she ever needs to use them or not.

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