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The score tonight is Northern Line 1, nanila 0

I was on my way home from the gym tonight when I had a little run-in with the Northern Line.

You see, the Northern Line splits at Camden Town. If you wish to go north from Camden Town, you may take the High Barnet, Mill Hill East, or Edgware branches. If, as I did tonight, you wish to go south, you may take the Charing Cross or Bank branches. The northbound branches have dedicated platforms. Due to historical reasons, the southbound branches do not. This results in people milling around in confusion at the base of the escalators in the station, trying to decide whether or not they need to race for Platform 2 or Platform 4 in order to catch the southbound train they desire. I think the only station on the entire Underground with a more powerful permanent aura of grump than Camden Town is Earl's Court. (To comprehend the full horror of this District line station, look at this map. See the point where five different branches intersect? Yeah, that's Earl's Court.)

I desired the Bank branch tonight, because at Euston station, one can change from the southbound Northern line to the (southbound) Victoria line by walking across the platform. (This is one of those sneaky little tricks a Londoner prides herself on.) The first Bank train magically converted into a Charing Cross train at the station, which caused a great deal of eye-rolling and people hopping huffily off the train. The sign kept insisting that the first Bank train would be arriving at Platform 4, so I stubbornly stayed put while Charing Cross trains rolled past every two minutes. I waited nearly twenty minutes for a Bank train, which honestly would have been long enough for me to forego my sneaky shortcut and take a Charing Cross train to Euston and walk a bit farther to get to the Victoria line platform.

But it was the principle of the thing.

As I hurled myself victoriously into my seat on the Bank train, I realized that in order to get home, I needed to change to...a northbound Victoria line train.
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