Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

"How To Alienate Your Constituents and Create Angry Fanatics," by the British Government.

Today is the first anniversary of the death of Jean-Charles de Menezes, the 27-year-old Brazilian electrician who was mistakenly identified as a suicide bomber and shot in the head by a member of the Metropolitan Police force.

My thoughts on the killing last year.

The Met CPS claims they lack sufficient evidence to bring charges against individuals. In my opinion, the person who pulled the trigger is responsible for the death. Those who created the policy, those who misidentified the suspect, and those who helped to subdue him, are accessories to the killing. But, as chickenfeet2003 said, "It seems pretty clear that the government would rather save face than fire the callous, incompetent and malicious bastards responsible for a completely unnecessary killing."
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