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Original Fic Ficathon Mark 2 contribution

I signed up for the Original Fic Ficathon, and although the story's been bouncing around in my head for a while I didn't have a chance to commit it to paper until now. Thanks to tsuki_no_bara for the idea, the invitation and the deadline extension. I was given "Nowhere To Run" by The Commitments, and this is where I took it.

To read my contribution ("Huntress," word count just over 1000), please click the link below. And make sure there's no-one standing behind you. Comments are screened.


I like fucking. Some people might say I'm a slave to my appetite. If that's true, I have to say I don't care. It's not going to stop me from indulging it as often as possible.

I remember reading years ago that this happens to women my age, the heightened libido. Hence romance novels and all those porn movies involving plumbers and bored housewives. I'm glad I was never delusional enough to succumb to the commitment virus that everybody seems to contract in their mid-twenties. I don't think I expected the increased sex drive to hit me with the intensity that it did, though, or that I would embrace it so readily. I don't remember having fantasies this explicit when I was younger. I don't remember it being so easy to translate them into reality either.

I've been asked if there's a secret to seduction. I guess that's because I don't drink or do drugs and I don't fuck people who are inebriated or high. I don't like the idea that they might be detached from the experience in some way. I want them here, with me, right now, fully engaged in what our bodies are doing. I want them to pay attention.

I always tell them there's no trick. The same source I remember reading above also said that the ideal partnership is between a teenage male and a woman over thirty. I say that's bollocks. Age is irrelevant. You just have to trust your gut. When you meet certain people, you instantly feel a connection. Maybe it's in the way they raise an eyebrow at you, or the way their mouths quirk into a smile, or the glow off their skin at the collarbone where the neckline of their shirt meets it. Maybe it's in the grace of their fingers or the scent of their detergent or perfume. Maybe it's something you do without thinking that provokes it, something in the tilt of your head or the timbre of your voice. There's no point in tracking down the source of the attraction if you know it's mutual. That's a waste of time. Accept it as fast as you feel it. Don't doubt yourself. I admit I have the advantage of being more towards the good-looking end of the scale and I keep myself fit but as long as you're not hideously deformed, an immediate strike will usually assure you a willing and voracious sex partner.

When I see someone I want, which is often, and I'm not in the mood for hunting, which isn't, I'll close my eyes, wherever I am, and imagine myself with him. I'll picture myself slamming the door to a room (any room – public toilet, utility closet, my office) and stripping my clothes as fast as possible. I see my hands stroking his face, tweaking my own nipples, guiding his fingers to my wet cunt. The first time will be as fast as I can get his cock out of his pants. And standing up. Lying down is a luxury. I'll give him a few minutes to recover and we'll start again. I won't let him escape until I'm done.

I don't mean to imply that this only works with men, either. I used the male pronoun for the sake of convenience. Another piece of conventional wisdom says that women need long foreplay to become aroused, and that's bullshit too. Most women, well, the ones I fuck anyway, love a quickie in the closet as much as men do. What really matters is making the person you're with know that they're desired. Attacking them with totally focused intensity has a way of accomplishing that.

Another thing people ask a lot is if I ever get attached emotionally or have problems with partners getting attached to me. I think the first question is stupid. I have an emotional connection with everyone I fuck. There's always love involved. The only reason people have a problem with emotions is because they try to hang onto them. I feel them, but I let them go when the moment is finished. It doesn't make them any less real. As for the second question, that issue can occasionally pose a problem. I think some of the people who ask would be pretty surprised at how willing a lot of people are to fuck someone whose name they don't even know. It's another one of those details that people tell themselves must be important during the time when they're not actually fucking, like trying to pin down the sources of physical attraction.

There are a few rules I follow to keep myself out of trouble, though. I live in cities, and I move every two or three years. I haven't been back to any of the places I've lived in, so that keeps me from accidentally running into anyone for the most part. It's much easier to meet people in cities for one night and then never see or hear from them again. I have about fifty numbers in my mobile phone right now that mean nothing to me, and those weren't even people I fucked. There are what, seven billion people in the world now? I find it hard to believe that anyone out there who I've fucked in the past nine years is sitting around pining for me. There have been one or two who have been persistent enough to hunt me down for more sex but they never wanted anything else, or at least, they were perceptive enough to know it would be pointless to try to get it from me.

Every now and then someone will work up the courage to ask if I ever feel guilty for having fucked people who are already committed. Another stupid question. I don't bother to find out if they have other commitments. I respond only to the attraction. If they rebuff me then I drop it. If they respond, then I consider that their responsibility. They made the choice. If they try to run from it by blaming me later, I'm not there to hear about. It's not my problem.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm done writing about this. There are least six billion people waiting to be sampled.
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