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Day 7: Pork and rum.

We pack up in the morning and leave Dorado for the San Juan home base. We stop at a kiosk for morcilla (blood sausage, to cook later), mofongo and ice-cold cans of pineapple juice. We drop off our things and go straight off the lechoneras in Cayey for roast pig on a spit. The lechoneras line the main street in Cayey, and they dot the drive into the mountains if you're feeling lazy.

Preparation for troughing.

We select our lechonera based on its popularity and its lack of music blaring at top volume. We consume our enormous repast with great relish. Before our arroz con dulce (sweet sticky rice with cinnamon) and flan (caramel custard), a band starts playing quite loudly. Two older couples get up to dance to the music. The first pair are very tender, the second quite serious. A little girl gets up on stage with the singers to try her feet at the salsa. She has no idea what she's doing but is adorable nonetheless.

Pig is serious business.

We drive slowly back down the mountain, stopping for some mavi (fermented honey drink), sesame candy and coconut sweets for Marco.

He gots his hog, his woman and his beer.

It begins pouring rain on our way home, so we stop at the Plaza de las Americas to do some shopping on the favorable exchange rate. By the time we get back to home base, no one wants dinner. Instead, we go straight for the rum and slices of pineapple.

Spicy, peppery Haitian rum.

Cheo calls to tell us that Magali, his wife, has returned from visiting her family in the Dominican Republic so we drive to their house for a visit. He doesn't tell us that she's brought five more bottles of rum with her. Two Haitian rums, two Dominican rums (including another Barceló, which I love, and a Don Q blend (Puerto Rican). We sample all of them. The samples aren't big but they're enough to make us all loopy. Magali fries some casabe (cassava chips) in olive oil for us to cleanse our palates.

Cheo drives us home. Eventually.

Why the rum is gone.
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