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Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Camera phone, finally working.

Seven months after getting my phone (a Sony Ericsson F500i), I've finally set it up so I can download the pictures I've taken with it. Things I've learned:

  1. As a shutterbug, I should know better than to allow myself to accumulate photos on any storage media for that amount of time.
  2. I take more pictures of people with my camera phone than I do with any of my "real" cameras.
  3. I love the London Underground. No really. I do. I may need professional help.

These are the lovely friends who stayed with us off and on for two months last summer. They were also our travel coordinators for our recent trip to Puerto Rico and arranged a variety of temporarily vacant (and gorgeous) accommodations for us to stay in while we were there. They'll be back in London this summer.

Marco with one of the friends. I think this picture demonstrates why people often mistake Marco for his biological son instead of an adoptive one.

A couple of shady-looking characters who visited me this summer. The one on the left is supiluliumas and the one on the right is tdj. They're drinking mojitos at a painfully hip Soho bar called The Lab. Yes, I realize this picture isn't particularly clear, but I suspect the former of being allergic to having his picture taken. Or posted on the internets.

A Handbags at Dawn gig. On the stage are culturedgoat, holding the microphone, shniggit (looking down) and capitalflash (in profile).

sparklepbass watching the teevee. Doesn't she look so comfy and relaxed?

Camden Town station. I'm particularly enthralled with this photo because it captured an event I'd never seen before: a cargo train stopping at a station. It's loaded with track. I like the woman standing in front of it as if she's about to board.
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