Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Vamos a San Juan.

My mind has gone on extended holiday without me. I thought we were leaving for Puerto Rico, sexy birthplace of my gorgeous boyfriend, on Wednesday. In fact, we're leaving tomorrow morning. Cue frantic packing. I'm looking forward to having a chance to repay imyril and her boyfriend for all their kindness in showing us bits of England and Scotland which we probably wouldn't have thought to, or been able to, visit on our own.

Internet access will be sporadic at best for the next two weeks. It's my custom, on returning, to visit each person's journal and read the backlog of entries, although usually the amount of time this takes precludes much commenting. If you would like my input on a particular entry, please leave a comment with a link to it on this post. Comments are screened.

Relish my silence, for lo, upon my return there will be a flurry of backdated travel entries. Rejoice, or possibly be repelled, for they'll probably involve pictures of us in scanty swimwear. Happy New Year in advance, and remember to make your resolutions imminently achievable.
Tags: puerto rico, travel
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