Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
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Camden High Street on a Sunday

On Sunday, I went to Camden High Street to shoot some photos of the crowds for ripperlyn. A nice flyering guy helped me to climb a lamp-post on the bridge over the canals between the Market and the Lock Market. For those who aren't familiar with the area, the street is lined with shops that open most days of the week. The stalls in the Market open daily as well. Some of the more established shops (e.g. Cyberdog, the Black Rose) in the Lock and Stables Markets open during the week. Sunday's the only actual proper market day, though. That's when all the little tables and small temporary stalls and the food court in the Lock Market open as well. It's also when, seemingly, every tourist in London shows up. I overheard a woman say "I think there are more people here than in Oxford Circus." While I'm not sure I agree that the numbers are greater, the density probably is, due to the narrowness of the pavements and the single station entrance for the Camden Town tube.

From the bridge looking towards the tube station

From the bridge looking towards the Lock Market entrance (Look! Goths! Aw.)

The canal from the bridge to the Lock Market courtyard

The lock (I really like this one.)
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