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Story of a role model.

Once upon a time, there was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed first-year graduate student in chemical physics at UCSD. She was fortunate to work with an energetic, ambitious, good-spirited and very hip post-doc on her first experiment. This post-doc happened to be an English woman from London. The two of them got along rather well.

Me and Julia, 1997, San Diego, California
At the beach

Eventually, the post-doc returned to her homeland and a second post-doctoral position while she looked for permanent work. She kept in touch with the graduate student, though, and when an opportunity came up for the latter to attend a conference in York, England, the post-doc invited her to spend the preceding weekend in London. The post-doc took the grad student on a whirlwind tour of everything, maintaining both of them in a near-constant state of inebriation.

Me and Julia, 2000, York, England
Some random grad student's flat

Okay, so you can't see me very well in that picture, because everyone was mind-meltingly pissed, including my advisor, who was holding the camera. But the black-stockinged leg in the foreground belongs to me.

They lost touch after the graduate student obtained her degree and went on to a post-doc of her own. Eventually, though, they were reunited in London, where they live approximately three blocks from one another. Yesterday was the post-doc's thirty-sixth birthday, and below we can see her former student showing this brilliant lady (who's now a staff scientist) her gratitude and appreciation for her continued friendship and mentoring.

Me and Julia, 2005, London, England
Pubbing it
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