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A vairy serious dance-off.

I'm normally not a link poster, but this made me laugh out loud.

B-boys vs. Cybergoths: Fight! (Requires Quicktime)

The ending, it slays me. Krumping uber alles. Sometimes I miss LA.

I find krumping a fascinating phenomenon. It reminds me of capoeira, a style of Brazilian martial art that looks like more like dancing than combat, except the other way around. Krumping looks like combat, mixed with elaborate spazzing out, more than dancing. The evolutionary process of krumping is almost the reverse of many martial arts, as well, since it's intended as an alternative to rules-free street-fighting, rather than as a training method for it. Not that that's the sole purpose of martial arts training, but it certainly is one of them, and most of the instructors I've ever had have spent at least some time stressing the potential applications of certain moves for use in such situations.

ETA: I'm saddened because, while it has entries for krumping, b-boy, and cybergoth, Wikipedia doesn't appear to have an entry for "graver" (goth-raver).
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