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ripperlyn goes to the other side of the Atlantic tomorrow, so I feel the need to remind her of one of the reasons she should stick to her plan to return next year.

Welcome to Charing Cross

No matter what you might think, London adheres to all the little courtesies. Notice how it's impossible to see this sign from a train that's actually on the tracks. You can see it from the neighboring foot bridges. If you stand on tiptoe and happen to be looking away from the classic views of the Thames.

Hungerford Footbridge, NE

Wikipedia says:
The footbridge gained a reputation for being narrow, dilapidated and dangerous at night. In the mid-1990s a decision was made to replace the footbridge with new structures on either side of the existing railway bridge, and a competition was held in 1996 for a new design. It was won by architects Lifschutz Davidson and engineers WSP Group, and the two new 4-metre wide footbridges were completed in 2002. They were named the Golden Jubilee Bridges, in honour of the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, although in practice they are still referred to as the "Hungerford Footbridges".

Hungerford Footbridge detail, SW

I took this while standing directly under one of the supports.

Classic view of the Thames

As I was saying.

Pavement art

Five weeks of work, according to the sign.

The Royal Opera Arcade

The ROA runs between Pall Mall and Charles II Street. It's London's oldest shopping arcade and still features the nineteenth century storefronts. The prices aren't nineteenth century, but that's pretty appropriate as well.

Lord Nelson

Look at him, looming over London on top of his giant phallus. This was taken a couple of hours before the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.


If you look around, you can always find a bit of London stripped and showing her strata. (Slut.)

Royal Art Academy

There's very little that's as amusing as watching a bunch of white-haired ladies peering intently at and discussing in hushed churchy tones a nude self-portrait by a depressed Norwegian done in lurid, vomitous blues and greens.


It's even lovely at 3:30 PM.

So what do you think? Is it a convincing case? Eh?
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