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Banksy show

Banksy, guerrilla stencil artist extraordinaire, has a show featuring a number of his cheeky oil paintings on in a tiny gallery in Notting Hill for the next 9 days. Wear trousers and a pair of shoes of which you're not particularly fond. Bring your camera, because photography is allowed encouraged. I brought my Canon Powershot because I wasn't sure if my dSLR would be confiscated at the door. Now I have to go back with the proper camera next week. Oh...darn?

For those in Camden, take the 31 towards Notting Hill Gate, get off at Westbourne Grove in front of the Deli and round the corner to the left. Then look for the crowd of people peering in the window.

At the colony of live rats scurrying around the gallery floor.

Banksy remix of Hopper
Rats in vase
Close-up of rats in vase
Rats and skelly
People outside the gallery
Ballerina in gas mask
Bust in ski mask
There will always be another rat, Mr Vandemar.
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