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Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno will be signing her new comic in London on October 27th. I shall be going, to purchase the new comic and have it autographed. Of course, this will probably consist of me zipping in, buying the comic, shyly pushing it and a pen at her, smiling, and walking away to go sit in a pub and drink gin, occasionally bringing out my acquisition and looking at it with fangirlish love.

I first saw her at Comic-Con 2002. I asked her to do a drawing in my sketchbook. She obliged happily (and, incidentally, for free). And proceeded to take over twenty minutes carefully creating a tiny perversely cute character with a ballpoint pen while her handlers stared anxiously at the gigantic queue of people piling up behind me.

She likes to re-tell Western fairy tales (Hansel & Gretel, for instance) using sexy, gluttonous female characters and a futuristic setting. Sometimes she doesn't bother with the fairy tales and goes straight to the half-naked weirdness.

Baby Chika doll
A special glow-in-the-dark version. I don't think this is available any more.

Baby Chika doll's foot
Dedicated to me. HELLO I AM A FANGIRL.

Aw, look. Chika grew up to be a nurse, just like she'd always dreamed! A blood-spattered a transparent lab coat...with a freaking GIANT syringe.
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