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Day 2: Galway

Dublin Busaras

This picture doesn't have much of a purpose. I blame the hangover for thinking that the lighting and tile in the ladies' loo at the Dublin bus depot needed to be shared with the world.
We wake late, probably due to the aftereffects of the pub crawl, and therefore have to rush to the bus to get to Galway in time to meet Kegan. In the end, it doesn't matter because his bus is late as well and it begins drizzling ominously around noon. We miss the ferries to the Aran Islands. If we go on the last ferry we'd have to stay overnight and we've already checked into the Galway hostel. We take a walk around the docks and watch the swans floating hopefully on the dirty canal water, waiting for gullible tourists to fall for their suggestive preening.

The head of my doppleganger is in the lower left-hand corner. She's looking both sly and beautiful. Whenever I admire (pictures of) her, I think of an episode of Red Dwarf: "Camille." The Dwarfers rescue a crash survivor who turns out to be a pleasure GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form). This creature appears to every person to be their perfect mate. When The Cat meets the GELF, he sees himself.

Cat: "You're me!"
GELF Cat: "That's right."
Cat: "I'm the object of my own desire?!"
GELF Cat: "Can you think of anyone more deserving?"
Cat: "When you put it like that, I guess you're right. Damn my vanity."
Galway Dockside
Galway Dockside
We decide the drenching is a sign we needed to spend all afternoon sitting around drinking, so we go to a crusty old man pub called The Crane, which features some interesting graffiti. (When you spend all day drinking, you end up visiting the loo a lot.) I don't think you have to dig very deep to understand why the Catalonians and the Basque might feel a sense of solidarity with the Irish.

By dinnertime we are thoroughly liquored up so we head to the fancy chip shop for some nice greasy drunk food. Unfortunately, the service proves to be as bitchy as the food is overpriced, so as soon as the meal is over we leave for Bazaar, a bar featuring low lighting and comfy couches. A football game is on (Italy v. Ireland), which I start getting really into, but Becca isn't feeling well so we return to the hostel. I don't recommend this hostel, by the way, as it doesn't seem possible to have a hot shower there. Actually, I don't recommend Galway for much of anything besides a lot of drinking and one fantastic bookstore, which I'll write about later, as it pretty much looks like every other medieval-city-center-remodeled-into-upscale-shopping-district that I've seen thus far in Ireland and the UK. I was starting to have doubts about the rest of the trip. Fortunately, my fears turned out to be unfounded.
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