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LJ update while dronk

What the hell, I'm drunk on a Monday night. I didn't mean to get drunk. I swear, this country.

I blame the system of buying rounds. I finished sword class at Tai Chi and since everybody's been pissed off with me for not going down the pub with them at all this term - we've had houseguests the whole term until now - I said I'd go this time. I felt guilty because we've had six weeks of class and I haven't gone down the pub, so I bought the first round. Of course, this means everybody else has to buy a round to say thanks. Since there were eight of us, that's a lot of rounds. This is how I ended up drinking several pints on an empty stomach, because I was so busy being nosy and Filipino and finding out that all these people in my class are married or dating and I had no idea that when snacks were brought to the table I didn't notice until the crisp wrappers drifted away on the wind.

Oh well. It's nothing that some sleep and a good fuck wouldn't cure.* Excuse me while I go tell my boyfriend he needs to check a certain bookmark.

*Spot the reference, win an internet snog!

P.S. I apologize for the multitude of dronk comments I seem to have posted.
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