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Police shoot the wrong man in connection with the London bombings.

He was a young man from a poor family who'd managed to dig himself out of a violent neighborhood in Brazil and make his way to the UK to learn English and get a job. Given his background, I find it rather unsurprising that, when bunch of plain-clothes officers pulled a gun on him, he ran away. I also don't think that the officers took the correct action if they suspected he was carrying explosives. Spooking him and then chasing him into an Underground station, assuming he was a bomber, would hardly have deterred him from setting them off. Additionally, if they wanted to subdue him, they didn't need to shoot him. Hitting him over the head or using a stun gun would have sufficed to render him unconscious. However, even without such circumstantial details, I don't believe the use of deadly force was justified.

I'm pretty furious about this. I'm furious because, when I first heard about the shooting, I was shocked and upset that the police were taking this kind of action without due process in full view of the public. I'm also furious because when I first heard about it, a part of me wasn't all that uncomfortable with the idea. After the release of the CCTV images of the suspects, I felt it was only a matter of time before law enforcement tracked them down and detained them. I thought that the probability that the plain-clothes officers had fatally shot the wrong man was small, and I took comfort in that idea.

I'm very angry at myself for doing that. It is never right to condemn someone to execution - because that is what this was - without a hearing. I've heard the arguments that some of the blame should lie with him for running away, that the police took the correct action given the suspicion that he could have been carrying explosives under his jacket, but in my opinion, they're all cover-ups for the failure to admit that sometimes people (and I include myself in this) would rather have a quick fix involving dead "bad guys" to abolish their fear than go through the laborious process necessary to mete out true justice.

In other news, suicide bombers killed at least 88 in an Egyptian tourist resort and chibaraki drew me a picture of a vampirate mining the gay, which might just be the best thing ever.

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