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We're not dead.

The purpose of this post is to reassure friends & family members. I was at home and Marco had already arrived at work during the explosions on the London Underground and buses this morning.

ETA: I'm watching this community london_070705 for updates. Refer to this roll call post to add your name. A list of LJ names, A-M and N-Z of those who answered the roll call is now available.

Blair's statement as he left the G8 summit.

The London Transport site.

The Metropolitan Police site.

An image from someone trapped in one of the bombed trains, and another apocalyptic image from the rescue tunnels in King's Cross. Do NOT look at these if you are at all sensitive.

Flickr group of screenshots and photos from the blast areas.

I am staying signed into Y!M and AIM all day today if anyone would like to message me.

3:30 PM: We have mobile service again. I'm about to head into Central London (on foot) to meet him, svanzoest and jade_van_zoest who are in town only for the next day. You can all yell at me for that later.
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