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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Home again [20050611|16:33]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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It took me twenty-four hours to get from Los Angeles to London. That's a new record. I sat on the runway for two hours in Los Angeles because of air traffic control problems, missed my connection in Chicago, got on the next flight out and sat on the runway at O'Hare for three hours because of air conditioning problems. Clearly the air is out to get me. To add insult to injury, the taxi driver who drove me from Paddington to my flat took me past Mornington Crescent. Just because I'm an American, Mr. Cabbie, doesn't mean I don't know that the quickest route from Paddington to my home does not involve Mornington Crescent.

On a happier note, the following beautiful people came out to wish me farewell on my last day.

Normally these two sport the traditional grad student CRT glow, but they're looking quite tan here, since they'd just returned from their honeymoon on the Big Island (Hawai'i). I haven't seen them in nearly a year. He's A.B.D. on his Ph.D. in political science, so I was shocked I was able to get him to smile for this picture.

My former lackey and me with our, um, fourth pints of London Pride. He has yet to be unfaithful to me with another postdoc, and since he passed his candidacy exam last month, he won't be needing another anyway. But really it's because I'm enough for any grad student.

I did mention the part about those being our fourth pints, right? In two hours?

Stay in school, kids, so that you too can get drunk with a bunch of Asian postdocs. Can you feel the love here? Can you?

[User Picture]From: ironed_orchid
2005-06-11 16:26 (UTC)
Sounds like an ordeal.

The photos are nice, though, at least you got to see friends and drink with them before you left.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2005-06-12 09:53 (UTC)
It was weird, the next day I felt fine, but this weekend I crashed out completely.

Lots of old friends made an effort to come and see me when there was time during the trip, so I left feeling pretty loved, appreciated, etc. Good stuff.
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[User Picture]From: ironed_orchid
2005-06-12 09:58 (UTC)
Nothing beats feeling loved and appreciated.
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[User Picture]From: chibaraki
2005-06-11 17:09 (UTC)
And a cute lackey he is. Also cute Asian postdocs. Makes me want to go to grad school to pick up boys. ... *cough* You know. The fact that I actually consider that one of the benefits of grad school disturbs me greatly.

Also... man, sitting on runways sucks ass. At least when you're in the air you feel somehow productive. I can't believe they actually kept you ON THE PLANE for three hours, though. You would think that after an hour or so they'd let you out and tell you to go buy some pizzas.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2005-06-12 09:51 (UTC)
Grad student sexiness is underrated, dammit.

The pilot was dangling the potential of dinner over us once we were actually in the air. At least they let us get out of our seats and mooch water off the flight attendants.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: nanila
2005-06-12 09:33 (UTC)
It's booze and affection. Always a winning combination.
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[User Picture]From: behsharam
2005-06-12 07:30 (UTC)
It is too bad that I didn't know you had a layover in Chicago as that is my town and I think it would be very interesting to meet you.

I hope the trip treated you well overall.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2005-06-12 09:26 (UTC)
I didn't advertise the layover because with my original connection, it was only scheduled to be 46 minutes long. I didn't think that was enough time to do more than say "hi," rush across the terminal and board another plane.

I had a fantastic trip, actually, even when I was working.
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[User Picture]From: behsharam
2005-06-12 15:15 (UTC)
I'm sorry, I would have thought to ask that if I weren't a bit drunk when I posted that reply. I'm glad your trip was fantastic. You posted some great pictures.

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[User Picture]From: souptime
2005-06-14 02:52 (UTC)
what now?
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[User Picture]From: sekl
2005-06-22 22:30 (UTC)
Just because I'm an American, Mr. Cabbie, doesn't mean I don't know that the quickest route from Paddington to my home does not involve Mornington Crescent.

Jet-lagged American out of Paddington, not someone I'd recommend tangling with, but maybe his experience with the breed is limited. ;)

Congratulations to the lackey!
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