Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Spring fever

It's the season that makes me to want to shag everyone in sight. So, in honor of spring, I resurrect an old meme. No, I will not tell you to whom these apply, although if you can't guess the first one, you're being thick.

Do Me Anonymously, Baby

If two women could make babies together, I would totally go to bed with you for the sole purpose of propagating the spread of tiny dread-headed doppelgangers.

I want to get very high, watch badly dubbed tentacle porn and then go to bed with you.

You're so brilliant and beautiful that I'd put aside the fact that I'm not a big gayer to go to bed with you.

You're happily married, so I doubt you'd go to bed with me. Nevertheless, I want to. Just so you know.

You intimidate me. I find that sexy. I want you to play it up when I go to bed with you, please.

You're English, so this "going to bed with you" business is probably too direct for you. I apologize. Let's fuck instead.

I'd have to be pretty drunk to go to bed with you. The good thing is, I think we'd both be pretty nonchalant about it afterwards.

Rest assured, I would go to bed with you in a heartbeat.

You're one of those people who makes me think you must be exactly the opposite sort of person in bed as you are in real life. So I have to go to bed with you just to satisfy my curiosity.

I want you to wear a Wonder Woman costume when I go to bed with you.

I'd go to bed with you purely on the basis of physical attraction, except I don't think I could handle it if all your personalities were along for the ride. Please pick one for the duration of the shag.

You're such a goddamned snob. When I go to bed with you, I'm going to insist on being on top. Then I'm going to spank you.
Tags: whoremoans
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