Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Photo Mission #3: enn

I took this photo through the rain-soaked windshield on the upper level of a 24 bus. The combination of bad weather and construction blocks on two of the Camden High Street lanes resulted in long queues of buses snaking towards the stops. While it provided great photo opportunities, it also resulted in disgruntled travelers repeatedly ringing the stop bell, trying to get the bus driver to let them out at traffic lights. Which, naturally, resulted in the bus driver going into a snit and ignoring them. I think Crowley must have designed the seven-street intersection on which Camden Town tube station is perched. It probably spells out the name of some unspeakable horror in the language of the Black Priesthood of Ancient Mu.
Tags: london, photo

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