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Tanz Mit Nani

I went out dancing last night. I only had two drinks. I've become accustomed to the British mixed drinks. If you order a gin and tonic, you receive 25 mL of gin and (usually) a small bottle of tonic water. I can drink up to eight of these over the course of an evening to no ill effect, as long as I have 1-2 liters of water afterwards. Here in the US, you order a gin and tonic and the bartender pours you a glass 3/4 full of gin and squirts some tonic water on top. It's kind of awful, actually. When you have to drive everywhere, getting drunk as quickly as possible is the goal, since you've got to be sober by 2 AM.

(image courtesy of namey)

Poll #432173 Sobriety.

Am I sober in the above photograph?

I'm not as think as you drunk I am, ossifer.
Dude, you're always like that.
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