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Media-laden social weekend

Saturday morning Marco and I got up and went to pick up a package from my parents. It consisted mostly of four boxes of Cracklin Oat Bran and three packages of Oreos, neither of which you can get here. Okay, you can buy Oreos but they taste absolutely wrong. There were also four toothbrushes in the package, because my parents are subtle like that.

After dropping off our loot at home, we headed for Borough Market. This is becoming a semi-regular weekend event for us. We didn't eat breakfast so that we'd be super-hungry by the time we got our bacon bubble-and-squeak on a roll, with some coffee from Monmouth, which, if you're a coffee snob, is the place in Central London to get your beans. We loaded up on ingredients and spent the rest of the day cooking until Ian and Anna came over. We drank mojitos and ate Spanish cheese and guacamole and salsa and a venison roast and Puerto Rican rice and beans. I made banana pecan bread and we had that with ice cream and melted chocolate for dessert. In an effort to promote British-American cultural exchange, we watched Office Space, which was a big hit, and a few episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which, er, wasn't. Anna, who's an avid reader, had never seen the BBC production of Neverwhere so we put that on as well.

Marco made banana and Crunchy Nut pancakes for brunch on Sunday. Ian and Anna hit Camden Market while we tackled the aftermath of the previous night's debauchery. When they got back, the B-A cultural exchange continued with a viewing of two episodes from the first season of Spooks. I have to say to all my American friends who like television, you need to be watching this show. Holy shit, it's good. For the most part, I find I don't have to devote my full attention to television shows. I can have them on and be doing other things and not miss anything vital. This show blew me away. It's completely absorbing, it's smart, it's unashamed to take scathing shots at current events and politics, and it's funny. Watch It. (Oh, and don't read the IMDB message board unless you want to run into some major spoilers. Hissss.) The pirate-lady in the Santa hat commands you.

Last night, we met up with one of my Filipino cousins for some awesome Thai food at a new restaurant in Soho. She lives in London at the moment, working as a lead artist on some fairly major movie projects - I'll just note that she was in New Zealand for a couple of years before relocating to London. We haven't seen each other for about ten years and I don't think either of us owns a photograph of the other. The last time I saw her was my first year in college at USC. It's amazing how much alike we are, considering that we've evolved separately. As soon as we saw her in the crowded streets near Covent Garden, Marco recognized her. She was wearing a funky grey hat, black Docs and a long black coat, and peering impatiently up and down the street. Although I went into science and she's an art geek, we have more in common than I could have hoped. I think we'll be seeing each other often.
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