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Fifty words or less, round two

It's that time again. Time to resurrect the Microlit Meme, with a selection from my recent reading list.

Paul Auster, City of Glass

Paul Auster: This book is not in any way autobiographical.
Quinn: Yes, it is, you fuckwit.
Paul Auster: Oh right.
Quinn: This plotline bores me. I'm out.

Geoff Nicholson, Bleeding London

Mick: God, I hate this bloody town. I think I'll break some heads.
Judy: God, I hate this bloody town. I think I'll bang every guy I meet.
Stuart: God, I hate this bloody town. I think I'll cheat on my wife.
All: Fuck, this isn't working. I'm out.

Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

Hana: Will I ever find love again?
The English Patient: I'm dying, aren't I?
Caravaggio: Where is Hana hiding the drugs?
Kip: Hey assholes, Hiroshima just blew up.
Everybody else:
Kip: Ugh. Fucking white people. I'm out.

Edith Wharton, Age of Innocence

May: Being pretty and stupid will make Newland happy.
Newland: My wife is an idiot. I crave the company of an intelligent woman.
Ellen: Here I am.
Newland: I'm terrified.
Ellen: What a wuss. I'm out.

Philip Pullman, the Sally Lockhart novels

Sally: I'm a young single woman in the Victorian era, but I know how to shoot a pistol. What could possibly go wrong?

Rocks fall, everybody dies.

Sally: …And now I’m pregnant. That was an incredibly stupid thing to say, wasn't it. Jim, you take over. I'm out.

George Orwell, any book

George Orwell: This is my lugubrious parable illustrating the oppression of the working class by the rich and the middle class.
George Orwell: The oppression will never stop.
George Orwell: I hate the rich and the middle class.
George Orwell: Unfortunately, I am middle class.
George Orwell: I have exhausted my font of self-loathing. I'm out.

Add your own.
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