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Welcome, 2005. Have you got any painkillers?

Adios, 2004, we won't be missing you. We spent from about seven pm to five am drinking with Ian and Anna. I have only one New Year's resolution right now, and that is never again to ride the London Underground with a hangover. Not good. No no.

I am dragging myself out of my pillow-encased hangover nest to load up some pictures I took with my Lomo while Claudine was visiting.

Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens

Yeah, I have a bit of an obsession with this place. I try to visit it at least once a month. I've loved watching the seasons change here, and the birds make great lomographic subjects.

Highgate Cemetery

I'd never been here before, but was angling to visit based on what I'd read in the Lonely Planet guide about it. Karl Marx, Michael Faraday and George Eliot are probably the most recognizable names, although some of the other slightly less notables have eye-catching tombstones. For instance, Richard "Stoney" Smith, who saw fit to remind everyone that he invented the process for making Hovis bread. Thanks, Stoney! Also, if you like angels, and I do, this is the graveyard for you. It's littered with them - reaching up to heaven, pondering with their chins on their fists, hands clasped in grief. I blew a roll of black and white film. I'm going to go back with my digital. We spent a couple of hours there and we didn't even get to see the western side of the cemetery, where Faraday is buried. It's only accessible by tour and the [purportedly haughty and blue-haired] tour guides are only there on weekends.
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