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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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Christmas shopping in London [20041220|18:17]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
I'm so behind on chronicling my life here. In the past several weeks, I've been to Windsor Castle, a Groove Armada show at Brixton Academy (two thumbs up as a venue), performances of Part I and II of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, and the Laibach show at the Electric Ballroom (a "meh" at the Electric Ballroom as a venue).

Today, I went Christmas shopping in London for the first time. It was every bit as insane as I expected it to be. I bought a travelcard for the day. I went to Green Park first, home of Fortnum & Mason, the Ritz, and the chocolatier Prestat. F&M has everything priced at approximately triple its value. It's all beautifully packaged, though. At Prestat, on the other hand, you get what you pay for. It is there that you can buy the Napolean truffles mentioned in Roald Dahl's My Uncle Oswald, which is one of his few grown-up novels and is decidedly "adult" in content. I recommend both novel and chocolates.

I walked up Regent Street and stopped in at several of the shops (Molton Brown, Waterstone's). All the women on my gift list are thus accounted for. I had lunch at Selfridges (gee, I'm done, and I don't remember eating) and was stared at by the dyed-blonde orange people. I sipped my peppermint tea and firmly read my book at them. I have no use for orange people. If you are pasty-white, please learn to live with it. Fake tans inevitably turn you into an orange person.

I went back up to Camden, dropped off my loot and went back out to Covent Garden. I utterly failed to locate gifts for all but one of the tech guys that Marco works with. Why is it so difficult to buy gifts for men? I gave up and popped down to Victoria to drop off a gift for capitalflash and sparklepbass and quickly waved hello to a very busy Mary.

And now I'm home, and completely knackered. Someone bring me a cup of tea, please. Please?

[User Picture]From: nanila
2004-12-21 10:20 (UTC)
Yes! And I am glad for people like you and Nancy, because you understand that your complexions are most attractive when left untouched, and not when they are turned into the approximate texture and color of old shoe leather. Gah. This should not be so difficult to understand.

It doesn't help that the Christmas industry is completely geared towards easy gift-giving for women. I mean, look at all the bath products, home knickknacks like colored candles, chocolates, blah blah blah that every single store carries in winter. If you walk up and down a shopping district, nearly all the generic gifts you find for under ten quid are for women.
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[User Picture]From: katyakoshka
2004-12-21 18:34 (UTC)
You'd think all the stuff about skin cancer and the fact most fair people look like ass in orange clothing, period, would be enough of a cluestick. And it's even worse when they color the hair and it gets all brassy. Dark-haired fair people should never ever ever try to go blonde and tan. 'Cause then they look like really tall Oompa-Loompas who didn't even rate green hair.

Give the men candles. It'll help them with the sexx0ring or something. Or candy. Everyone likes candy, right? The music mix idea is a winner, however. In the next year, take up knitting and make them scarves. Or hats. Or something.

Now I need to learn to knit. Because I suddenly realized I want to make Cthulhu hats. Green. With face-framing tentacles.
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