Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

beeblebabe made me into a curry. I must have my revenge.

Seven LJers I would eat to absorb their powers

belladonna_ would need to marinate for eight to twelve hours in vinegar, shoyu, garlic and bay leaves. I would eat my Nancy Adobo with my fingers and a side of white rice. I would then become possessed of a dry, cutting wit, Cassandran foresight and a keen instinct for unearthing the gay in all media.

I would put sliced caravaggio in my saimin. With the steaming-hot noodles, I would no doubt soak up her encyclopedic literary, biological and medical knowledge to accompany my own in chemistry and physics, thereby rendering me the ultimate scientific genius. When the zombie apocalypse comes, everyone will want me on their side.

I think enn would make a delicious lassi. I would purée her with yogurt until she was smooth and sip her through a bendy straw. I would absorb her stealth spy-cam skills and her nonchalant air. Then I could stroll into the MI-5 as if I belonged.

I would cube kamuela, coat him in a light batter, fry him until golden-brown and sprinkle caster sugar on top. In this way, I would absorb his ability to maintain a cool head (and the upper hand) in any argument. I would never be distracted by stupidity, no matter how awesome and encompassing.

I would cover kittenhotep in black tea, ashes and salt and bury her in potting soil for 100 days, so that I could absorb the will and the dedication to save the world from Thousand Year Old Kitten Pie.

I would fillet ladybug007 finely and consume her raw, then wash her down with a pint of Guinness from a Dublin pub. From her, I would absorb her grace, her poetic sensibility and her ability to slay people in their tracks with one raised eyebrow.

taische would be hand-rolled in seaweed . I would dip him in shoyu and wasabi, and have a slice of pickled ginger in between each bite, to experience the full spectrum of flavors. I think he would go well with sake. I would absorb his highly refined aesthetic, his martial arts training, and his self-confidence.

If you've logged on to find yourself eaten, don't think of it as death. Think of it as a sacrifice you're making for the greater good.
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