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The Society for the Promotion of British-American Cultural Exchange presents: [20041208|10:14]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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A short American-to-English dictionary

Chips = crisps, e.g. "I'll have a bag of crisps."
Fries = chips, e.g. "Fish and chips are mankind's greatest culinary invention."

Cookie = biscuit, e.g. "Want some tea and biscuits?"

Oatmeal = porridge, e.g. "Porridge for breakfast on a cold morning is divine."

Raisins = sultanas, e.g. "I'm putting sultanas in my porridge."

Eggplant = aubergine, pronounced "OH-ber-zheen." Sort of. Ish. It's hard to write phonetically.

Pants = trousers, e.g. "My trousers are too tight."
Underwear = pants, e.g. "That girl's dress makes it clear she isn't wearing pants."

Sweater = jumper, e.g. "You don't need a coat, just a warm jumper."

Sneakers or tennis shoes = trainers, e.g. "It's raining and my trainers are soaked."

Nylons = tights, e.g. "I snagged my tights. Do you have nail polish?"
Tights = tights. O….kay.

Cents = pence (or "pee"), e.g. "That'll be 50 pee." Now imagine if 50 Cent were from the UK.

ATM = cash point, e.g. "I got mugged at that cash point."

Store = shop, e.g. "I'm going round the shops to buy some trousers."

Drugstore = pharmacy, e.g. "I have a wicked hangover. Where's the pharmacy?" DO NOT say drugstore. People will assume you are looking for something quite different, and may direct you to Brixton.

Band-Aids = plasters, e.g. "I cut myself! Give me a plaster."

Vacation = holiday (or "hols" for short), e.g. "Suzie's on holiday."

On the weekend = at the weekend, e.g. "I'm going to Brighton at the weekend."

To rent = to let

Bathroom/restroom = toilet (or "loo"), e.g. "I need to use the toilet." (Otherwise, prepare yourself for the inevitable, "What, are you going to take a bath/have a rest? Haw!")

Monkey = You know what? Don't call anybody this. It's not considered cute here.

Exit = Way out, e.g. "The building's on fire. Where's the way out?"

Elevator = Lift, e.g. "Take the lift to the fifth floor for haberdashery."

Sidewalk = pavement, e.g. "That fucking bike just drove up on the pavement!"

Gas = petrol, e.g. "I have to stop by the petrol station."

Truck = lorry, e.g. "Mind that lorry." "What lorry?" splat

Drunk = pissed, e.g. "No, I am not sitting on the pavement because I'm pissed. It's comfortable."

Cigarette = fag, e.g. "Got a fag, mate?"

Spliff = spliff (Hooray.)

Asian = Indian, Pakistani (Use "East Asian" for other flavors, e.g. Japanese, Korean.)

Ass = arse, e.g. "What an arsehole." Although I find this one sounds funny in an American accent.

Lots = loads, e.g. "There's loads of these little idiosyncrasies that one LJ post won't cover, but these are the important ones if you don't want to be mocked or seriously misinterpreted."


Soccer = football.

[User Picture]From: nanila
2004-12-09 16:40 (UTC)
Funny, I've been meaning to resurrect that for a while. I have a bunch of new ones. I keep them in a Word doc.

Anyway, I'm flattered! Yes, go ahead and post it. It's here.
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[User Picture]From: seismic
2004-12-09 16:49 (UTC)
Rock. I'll do it now. And I knew where it was. ;)
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