Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Day 23: Another Sunday in England

We meet with Janelle to visit Ian and Anna at their new flat in Richmond. Richmond is in West London. Geographically, it's not that far from Camden, which is in North London. However, it's a real challenge to get there on a Sunday. It takes us no less than two and a half hours. It is a very British experience.

First of all, several of the tube (Underground) lines are never, ever operational on Sundays. These are the Circle and District lines. They are constantly undergoing construction. They are also critical to getting around Central London. Naturally, the District line has a stop directly in Richmond. It's the only line that does. It terminates there.

Since those two lines aren't running, it's impossible to get to Embankment station from North London without taking a roundabout route. It's easier to go to Waterloo. It's faster to take an overground train from Embankment, but Embankment rail station just happened to be closed that weekend. Some of the overground rail tracks were also undergoing construction. You see where this is going, right? The train we end up boarding has its last stop in Richmond, but not before hitting just about every other station in South London first. When we finally get to Richmond, we are supposed to take a bus to Ian and Anna's flat. After much backtracking and argument about which was is north, we locate the correct bus stop, only to discover that the bus doesn't stop there on Sundays.

This is when we give up and take a cab.

We end up having a good time. We walk past the only farm in London. It is protected by Parliamentary order, because Joseph Turner painted exactly that landscape at the turn of the nineteenth century. The painting hangs in the Tate Britain. We go to a pub and have a proper pie-based dinner and a few pints. Some other friends of Ian and Anna's join us, and Nikki tells us amusing stories about her co-workers. One of them moonlighted as a dom, calling himself Master B. He carried a portable dungeon in his briefcase. He loaned Nikki and another co-worker a tape of an interview he gave in which he makes a number of practical suggestions for the beginning dom. The tape showed him walking through a kitchen store and picking up a wooden spoon. "Look at this," he said. "It makes a lovely sound." He thwacked his hand. "And it's only 35 p!"

Lots of people have secretly kinky lives, claims Nikki. When she was up late one night watching Bravo, she suddenly realized that the Amazonian young lady in the nurse's outfit on the screen was her rather severe and dominant co-worker. She was being thoroughly spanked. "By Master B?" I asked. Nikki roared. "I wish I could say yes."
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