June 10th, 2021

me: wrong side of the mirror

What I did today: Practical flight test

To celebrate the end of exams and what, for some of the students, is very nearly the end of their undergraduate careers, we got to have a practical flight test experience today in a Piper PA-28 Warrior II, a delightful little aircraft that resembles an old Buick in more ways than one. Practical Flight Test - 2021-06-10 - map and data
Flight path data from today.

Practical flight test plane
Me with the plane.

My view from the plane.

My project student flying the plane!

She's a natural. :)

Practical Flight Test
After pulling 2g. Everything is fine. Just keep your eyes on that horizon.

Trying to keep a proper flight log of the tests whilst balancing the urge to gawp out the window and excitedly take photos of everything proved pretty much impossible, so I was grateful we weren't being assessed. I had a blast. What a treat to have this as a first flight after 16 months of being grounded.

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