April 11th, 2021

lolcat: science

The Friday Five on a Sunday + LEGO Space shuttle

1) Do you like to drive?
In a word, no. I do it because I have to. There are very specific circumstances under which it is enjoyable to drive, and they almost never exist in the UK. I have one memory of fun driving here, after dropping my parents off at Heathrow, on a warm sunny morning. The M40 was virtually deserted and I bombed home to Worcestershire in under two hours.

2) Do you own (or have regular use of) a car? What kind is it?
I do. It's VW Golf. It is by far the most fun car to drive that I've ever owned.

3) What is your favourite optional feature on a car?
To be honest, getting this car was such a massive step up from the previous one, everything about it felt like a gift: the bluetooth connection to devices, the built-in satnav, the power windows, the acceleration, the friendly clutch, all of it. But probably the most delightful unnecessary feature of it is the sunroof.

4) How much does gasoline petrol currently cost where you live?
It's about £1.26 per litre. There are 4.55 litres in a gallon. So it costs £5.73, or US$7.85, per gallon. I've been in the UK for almost 17 years now and I'm still shocked by that.

5) What is the longest car trip you have taken?
I think it's still the one where my parents and I drove across the USA the summer before my ninth birthday. We started in Seattle and the furthest East we went was to visit family in Pennsylvania.

And finally, LOOK at what my fantastically thoughtful and generous friend Josh sent me for a super-early birthday present!! Building this is going to be my reward when Semester 2 teaching finishes in a few weeks.


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