April 10th, 2021

me: ooh!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last week we went up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for an outdoor playdate with the bloke's sister and the cousins. As with every trip to Leeds, we had prepared ourselves for a frigid trudge through the rain and wolfing down sandwiches in whatever poor shelter we could find under some trees. We were pleasantly surprised to have both sunshine and warmth, and ended up going for a 6 mile walk up into the surrounding forest.


As it was our first lengthy car journey for some months, I decided it was time to introduce Keiki and Humuhumu to Cabin Pressure. We listened to the first two episodes on the way up. They were instant fans. Keiki relates to Caroline, and Humuhumu to Douglas. If this is the model for their future sibling relations, I expect to be very entertained over the next few years.

Keiki: "If anyone is Sir, *I* am Sir!"
Humuhumu, drily: "Pass the tomato sauce, oh Sir of Sirs."

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