April 2nd, 2021

kusanagi: amused

Cross-stitch rediscovered

I got bored with the 365 question meme after the end of February and have no plans to restart it. I can, however, thank it for one thing: reigniting my interest in cross-stitch. I was taught to cross-stitch by an eccentric great-aunt when I was around eight years old, on the plastic frames with thick yarn. As I grew older, I graduated to the Aida cloth patterns, and eventually to linen before I lost interest in my teens.

The offhand answer to one of the meme questions prompted an Etsy search and I purchased a couple of beginner-level kits from KnitKnotKrafts (UK). Behold, my first cross-stitch in over twenty years:

  Map of Africa

The back is a hot mess because I had forgotten that you don't tie knots in the thread, you just leave a tail and stitch over it:


I just completed a second, which is a gift for my Cthulhu-loving sister-out-law.

Octopus (sans eyes)

Much tidier back:


I feel this is an excellent step to be taking toward my bonkers blue-rinse little-old-lady aspirations.

I'm spending my Easter break on a more difficult pattern with flowers and hummingbirds. Once I've finished that, I'll get some more from Fandom Cross Stitchery. No prizes for guessing which is my favourite. This entry was originally posted at https://nanila.dreamwidth.org/1331361.html. The titration count is at comment count unavailable.0 pKa.