March 8th, 2021

me: abby

International women's day

It's been a rough couple of weeks but today was a joy.

I opened a science festival (virtually) for a primary school - 14 classes of very excited students together for the first time since before Christmas. They peppered me with questions.

My children have been in school since January, but it was still a special day since some of their closest pals have only been faces on screens for months. Keiki stood alert waiting for his pal J at the school gate and practically fell over from joy when he appeared. Humuhumu and her bestie were instantly reunited and subsequently inseparable. 

I attended a Women in Engineering event and heard some fantastic and highly resonant stories from women working in academia and industry. It was an inspiring, uplifting and well chaired session.

Finally, I went to a talk (by a woman) about the future of the space sector which was for corporate partners of a learned society. It made me optimistic and hopeful for the future.

I feel like I've done a week's work already. Fortunately I'm now energised to face the rest of it.
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