February 19th, 2021

me: abby

2021 questions (49 and 50/365) + Fun with Panopto

February 18

What are you most fascinated by at the moment?

Finding ways to prove that we should make STEMM subjects more accessible by actually talking about endemic issues with discriminatory language and culture in higher education and industry while teaching technical topics, not as an afterthought or an optional add-on. 

Space debris and space traffic management.

February 19

What are the three most dominant emotions in your life right now?

Determination, ambition, and mild panic.

Finally, here are the two most recent wonderful misinterpretations that the auto-captioning software on Panopto offered up on my pre-recorded lecture material.

My name: Anthony Anketell [no.]
A phrase: "If all of the subsystems have a bank of horsepower bear," [backup or a spare]

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