February 5th, 2021

me: ooh!

Shaggy Pony + 2021 questions (36/365)

Someone asked in the comments if the Shaggy Ponies are still in the field opposite us. The answer is yes, but sadly the black one who featured in this journal a couple of years ago, especially after she had her baby, has moved homes. A charming white vanner has replaced her, as seen below, and is currently almost as much mud as pony given the soggy conditions.


February 5

What is your take on organ donation?
It saves lives. If my organs are still in a functional state after I die and they might be useful to someone who’s still alive, take as many of them as you can and give them to those people. I won’t be needing them. As for other people, I’d like to think that those healthy folk who don’t have religious beliefs forbidding it would do the same, but it’s their choice.

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