February 3rd, 2021

me: ooh!

2021 questions (32 to 34/365)

After a pretty successful run through January, I fell behind. Coincidentally, term has just started.

February 1

What are your favourite indoor activities?

In a pandemic lockdown, all we can do are indoor activities, apart from the daily walk. I have trouble identifying favourites under these circumstances. I work too much. It isn’t very healthy. 

February 2

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

Walking, hiking, snorkeling, looking for shells on the beach, picnicking with friends, running around with the kids. Also, sitting in the grass and looking at the sky, or waiting with my camera in my hand to notice something interesting to photograph. I don’t know why we have to be doing stuff so frantically all the time. It shouldn’t be necessary.

February 3 

How do you feel about plastic surgery?

It's not for me, but I happen to be fortunate enough to have been born in, and inhabit for most of my adult life so far, a body that doesn't cause me distress, discomfort, or chronic illness. Everyone else is welcome to do what they must to make themselves happy in their bodies. 

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