January 31st, 2021

mizuno: lil naughty

2021 questions (30/365 and 31/365)

January 30

What websites did you visit most frequently this week?

Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, the BBC, the virtual learning environment of My University, the search engine at My University which allows me to find peer-reviewed research publications, and the data archives of a scientific space mission.

January 31

What are your favourite things in general?

Mochi, whisky (single-malt Scotch, Japanese whisky and bourbon are my top three), Lego, computers, the internet, space, cats, space cats (thank you, the internet).

I'm not sure these question were particularly illuminating. Somehow we've gotten to the end of January. It hasn't been the most thrilling month in the history of ever, but we're still here, marching along in the same routine of the past ten months, hoping there's a future ahead of us with more diverse activities and companionship in it. Also, Humuhumu spent two hours yesterday crafting a cat toy for Telstar. Observe the immensity of his gratitude below.



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