January 22nd, 2021

me: ooh!

2021 questions (21/365 and 22/365)

(Sorry I missed yesterday, I was working on accreditation paperwork with my colleagues until 11 PM)

January 21

Name someone you met through work. How is your life better for knowing them?
Oh sheesh. This is genuinely tough. I've been incredibly lucky at work, and met brilliant, kind people who have remained friends after I'm no longer working with them. The first one who springs to mind is H. Her smiling face was the first one to greet me on my when I walked into The Lab on my first day there waaaay too long ago, and it was a good omen of the happy years that were to follow. We worked in the same group, though never on the same projects, for twelve years, and her calm, confident, compassionate demeanour was a life raft one could count on being able to cling to whenever things got messy. And she's also got a wicked sense of humour. Our working relationship and our friendship have enriched my life tremendously.

January 22 
What do you like about your neighbourhood?
I like the fact that everyone is being sensible and staying the f*ck at home.

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