January 8th, 2021

me: ooh!

2021 questions (8/365)

January 8
Do you often make impulsive purchases?

Normally, no. For example, f I could find the following clothing in totally indestructible form, I would buy it and wear it forever:
  • plain black skinny jeans or thick leggings
  • black t-shirt reading "no." in small neat cursive lettering
  • black zip-up hoodie
  • black underwear
  • black ankle socks
  • black knee-high boots in soft matte waterproof material
Clothing aside, having performed all my shopping online for months, I find that I'm more vulnerable to advertising of books, small useful electrical items, furniture, and groceries. I impulse-bought a new office chair in the post-Christmas sales. I'd had the same chair for 12 years and the seat cover was completely gone so I probably needed a new chair, but it hadn't, y'know, actually collapsed so it wasn't strictly necessary by my standards.
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